15 Surprising Facts About The Big Bang Theory You Probably Didn’t Know



Undoubtedly “The Big Bang Theory” is the most amazing show of the century. We’re all very much in love with Sheldon’s cocky dialogues and other inquisitive characters.  Each incredible plots are the perfect reflection of our life, and that is what makes us always feel connected to them.

But still after 10 seasons later, watching each episode hundreds of times we are still unaware from some of the fun facts of TBBT.  Have a look!

1. Wolowitz, the only cast member of TBBT who hasn’t seen Penny naked in the show.


2. Leonard’s specs are made up of 100% plastic and 0?% of glass



3.  Penny seems really attached to this purse which she is carrying since season1



4. Jim Parsons gave twice to audition for TBBT


The creator of the show got surprised by Jim incredible performance at first attempt that he has instantly asked him to come for a second audition, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.


5. We all know Sheldon is a huge Star Trek and Dr. on the show, but in real life, Jim Parsons has never actually watched either of those series.



6. Amy Farah Fowler a.k.a Mayim Bialik holds Ph.D. in neural biology which makes her the highest qualified cast member.



7. The idea of Raj’s inability to talk to any female (unless he’s drunk) was actually based on an old coworker of Bill Prady, back when he worked at a computer company.



8. Remember “Soft Kitty” song? Yeah, our all time favorite song, it is actually based on an Australian children’s song. surprising-facts-about-the-big-bang-theory-you-probably-didnt-know-01


9. You might have seen these walls of text at the end of each episode of TBBT, do you know what they are?surprising-facts-about-the-big-bang-theory-you-probably-didnt-know-09

Well, those are Chuck Lorre’s vanity cards, and they contain a lot of awesome things!


10. Kevin Sussman before becoming an actor actually worked in a comic book store.



11. Do you know Lenny, Penny, and Kenny was the original title of the show? So, embarrassing to say these words in loud isn’t it?



12. How many of you remember the house from “Everybody Loves Raymond” (1996)? Well, that’s the same house that Wolowitz lives in.



13. We all know Sheldon never drives but do you know why?


Because in real life Jim Parsons gets motion sickness from riding in cars and so he not prefer to drive.


14. The QR code, in Stewart’s comic book store leads to the website for the comic book center of Pasadena. Very self-referential!


15. Sheldon and Leonard were actual names. It was named after a television producer Sheldon Leonard.