15 ‘Legen-wait for it-facts about How I Met Your Mother which you didn’t know-dary’


How I Met Your Mother somehow managed to rule our hearts, at least way until the end of season 9 (The last episode had an IMDB rating worthy of oblivion- a meagre 5.7). It has been more than 11 years since the series was first aired and had been loved by everyone- whether be it the all gooey, romantic type couple in Marshall and Lily, or the forever single Ted Mosby(the architect), or the sophisticated and suave Robin or the legendary and totally awesome and always suited up Barney Stinson. But as with every TV series, there are certain things which actually sound as ‘BS’ but turn out to be true and here we have included 15 of those legen-wait for it-dary facts for you!

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1. There would have been no Neil Patrick Harris

According to reports, Jim Parsons too had auditioned for the role of Barney Stinson, though eventually losing out to Neil Patrick Harris.”I got it and was like, ‘Who the hell looked at me and thinks ‘big lug of a guy?,'” Parsons recalled. “It wasn’t offensive, I thought, ‘This is silly.'”, Jim Parsons had remarked, but the to be The Big Bang Theory star auditioned anyway, otherwise it would have been totally weird for a Sheldon-esque Barney to go chasing after girls.

2. Scott Foley, Jennifer Love Hewit were offered roles too

Scott Foley was offered the role of Ted Evelyn Mosby, and Jennifer Love Hewit was offered the role of Robin Scherbatsky, the later turning down the offer to star on another CBS show, the Ghost Whisperer instead, The roles then went to Josh Radnor(Ted) and Cobie Smulders(Robin) and they ended up doing an amazing job, until the last episode of the series at least(NO, I am never forgetting that, at least until I am on my deathbed).

3. Ted, Marshall and Lily are based on real people

College Friends and Lettermen writers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas were invited to pitch a series, they went on to tell their own stories, where Bays lived with long-time girlfriend Rebecca at Thomas’ apartment, the latter always complaining about being single. Hence, Bays became Marshall, Rebecca became Lily and Thomas became Mosby. Several real life incidents were also portrayed on the reel, including the incident when Ted calls Lily a bitch after she dumps Marshall and moves away.

4. Like the show, “Have you met Ted?” too originated at Lettermen’s

Bays and Carter’s boss, Justin Stangel, introduced who also happened to be the co-writer at Lettermen’s invented this line (The historians would love to have their say here). Whenever Stangel and Carter were hanging out a bar, Stangel would stop a girl and ask her,”Have you met Carter?”. This line was later used by Barney among others to introduce Ted to Robin in the first episode.

5. MacLaren’s was named after a production assistant

Carl Maclaren, who was at first the assistant producer and later the associate producer had the bar named after him. Also, the name of the Bartender too was named after him(Remember when Carl challenges Marshall to tell him his full name and he would name all the drinks in the bar after him). The bar was based on McGee’s, where Bays and Thomas used to hang out during their time at Lettermen’s.

6. There was no studio audience during the shoot

The shooting of several scenes took place over days and there was no studio audience present at any time. After only the filming was done, the audience was allowed to watch the show and their laughter was recorded and then added as a laughing track.

7. Ironically, Marshall’s smoking was a problem to Lily

Unlike the show, where Marshall often has a problem with Lily smoking, Allyson Hannigan had a problem with Jason Segel smoking (because it felt like kissing an ash tray). She made him quit for an until he started doing it again due to “Stress”.

8. Britney Spears too wanted a piece of the pie

Britney Spears too was interested to be on the show, had her eyes set on a role specifically on the episode “10 sessions”, where Ted first meets Stella Zinman. This news was somewhat a concern for Bays and Carter, who had something big in their minds for the role of Stella(perhaps including leaving Ted at the altar). But suprisingly enough, Britney was content doing the role of the receptionist, Abby, much to the relief of Carter and Bays. This show was one of the most watched episode of the series and might have saved it from cancelation.

9. Alicia Silverstone was originally going to play Stella

Alicia Silverstone was supposed to play Stella, until Britney Spears appeared in the fray. and the former’s agent thought that the latter’s presence would undermine their client’s role. Instead, she was replaced by Sarah Chalke.

10. Cobie Smulders was diagnosed with ovarian cancer during the third season

Cobie Smulders, who reprised the role of Robin in the series, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer during the third season and it took her several surgeries and two years to be cancer-free.She managed to keep it a secret from the prying eyes of the public, until she opened up about it later, citing the lack of awareness of this disease, especially in young woman.

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11. Cast’s significant others too had parts in the show

Lily’s high school boyfriend, Scooter was played by Neil Patrick Harris’ husband David Burtka. Gary Blauman was played by Cobie Smulders husband Taran Killam, while the role of the perverted news anchor, Sandy Rivers was played by Allyson Hannigan’s husband Alexis Denisof.

12. Ted’s kids knew the ending for the entire length of the show

Unfortunately, they had signed a confidentiality agreement and were not allowed to disclose it. Lyndsy Fonesca(Penny) and David Henrie(Luke) shot all the living room scenes during the filming of first episode itself since Henrie was hitting puberty. They somehow managed to keep the secret, with Henrie even bribed by strangers at the bar with free alcohol to tell them what happened in the end.Poor Henrie!

13. There was Conan O’Brien and Enrique Iglesias in the show too

Enrique appeared as Robin’s boyfriend after she came back from Argentina. Enrique carried a really funny name(Gael), which everyone took turns to mock. O’Brien, though had to win a Charity Dinner to bag an appearance at the show and he was there in the episode “No pressure” which aired in 2012.

14. Kids, Victoria would have been your mother if CBS would have cancelled the show

Though this wasn’t the case, but who knows, we might have had a better ending than the one we had when the show eventually concluded.

15. The War Indemnity

Bays and Carter were supposed to keep the custody of the iconic prop, until John Radnor asked for it. “And folks, when Ted Mosby comes and asks you for the blue French horn, ya give him the blue French horn,” Thomas said. “It felt right.” Neil Patrick Harris got to keep the playbook and the MacLaren’s tabletop, Smulders kept the Robin Sparkles denim jacket,and Hannigan took the British phone booth.

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