15 Impressive Updates To The Classic French Manicure To Try Out


A French manicure isn’t new or groundbreaking to us. This vogue has been around for decades and is still one of the most famous looks for anyone looking for a timeless, classy manicure. Even though it’s a traditional design, but over the year it got a number of creative, unique twists which are just fantastic.

Here are some of the cutest updates on a real classic mani that you can’t resist yourself from giving a try to this new look!

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1. Matte V 

Create a unique look with V shape

2. Black & Blue

A geometric-inspired design combining with two bold colors.

3. Glitter

A glittery french tip goes with all styles.

4. Bejeweled

Get your french style done with pretty jewel accents!

5. Triangle

Get a beautiful triangle design done with a glitter finish.

6. Be royal!

You can never go wrong with this look!

7. Ombré Tips

If you haven’t tried this out then you must do now!

8. Floating

Another great art that makes a statement but isn’t hard to create.

9. Let’s rule the world!

A perfect design for a sophisticated evening out.

10. Vanilla!

It’s the combination of funky colors and a unique accent nail to create unique French mani.

11. Hearts

For this Valentine day, this is the best design you can have.

12. Mother Of Pearl

This addition of pearl takes french mani to entirely different level.

13. Ruffianfrench

This stunning design is no wonder the best among all the above. If you believe the same do comment and also let’s know if you have any other french mani design to share.