15 Funny Quotes That Will Help You Overcome Breakup


Breakups are a hard thing to deal with. They will surely leave you broken, untrusted, lied, stabbed and heart broken. It is hard to get over with memories which once you have shared together. Make sure to rise wise and breakups don’t define you. Read quotes or books to keep your mind motivated.

You know when someone is not good for your soul, it’s time for them to go. Don’t think it’s going to be hard or you can’t do this You can. At least for your own good. You have to fight every single time with this witty world.

And we all know how painful moving on, can be. In between stalking your ex and frequent sessions, you may find that one friend who is genuinely interested in your sad story if you’re lucky enough.

So there it goes, sometimes you have to be your own hero! Like Maleficent. Genuinely, you should toss all your worries and party with your pals.

Breakups are not always bad. You will also agree after reading these cheeky quotes. This will help you conquer your bad situation even if you couldn’t. Here are 17 sarcastic yet funny quotes just give you a little giggle and overcome your break up.

1. Well, you surely don’t want to have like either.



2. Make sure he gets jealous after seeing your posts.



3. Make sure this happens.



4. Be happy when that jerk head is no more your problem. Give your warm regards to that new BITCH!



5. This was happened with me once and the best thing I have ever fantasized.



6. Well, I would love to cry in a Porsche rather than in a local bus.



7. Basically, let everyone free and feel free to feel like an idiot.



8. And this quote goes to my ex certainly.



9. You are just meaningless to my life.



10. Spare me with!



11. And pigs and toilets.



12. Or do it like a Jolie. Yes, like a boss.



13. Keep that shit head, keep him.



14. So, he did. And they lived messed up ever after.



15. Get out from that Devdas mood. Join some Karate class either.