12 Unique Problems Every Indian Girl Faces In Summer


Summer’s just around the corner, which means, sweaty clothes, inappropriate tan lines and lots of sunscreen. But when you’re an Indian girl, you have to deal with more than just that. Being a girl in India during the summer comes with its own set of problems. Whilst, there are things like air conditioners nearly everywhere these days, but it takes away the tradition feel of summer anyway.

Here are 15 problems every Indian girl faces during the summer –

  1. Having to shave your legs constantly.

shaving legs

Also, dealing with razor blade cuts on a daily basis only to wear shorts in the summer.

2. Having all of your makeup melt off because of sweating

make up melting

Carry some baby wipes in your bag at all times to avoid looking like a zombie.

3. Having to wash off that sticky dirt from your feet after wearing flip flops all day.

dirt flip flops

Doesn’t every girl relate to this?

4. Boob sweat.

heat summer

When your tops start to look like this because of the sweat

heat sweat

5. What you feel when you’re wearing a short dress and walking outside.. while men try to look at you.

6. Spending a ton on summer supplies.

razor blades

7. Having your shorts constantly get stuck in your thighs if you’re a chubby girl.

chub rub shorts

8. When you can’t wear your hair down because of neck sweat.

humidity hair

9. Sandal tan lines.. need I say more?

tan lines

10. Blow-drying your hair in the scorching heat be like

summer problems

11. When your summer body is just NOT ready

summer body

12. Having to unstick your bare and sweaty legs from anywhere that you sit.

summer problems