11 Tasks To Do To Maintain Your Bike In Summer


We wait for this season to arrive for months. And now, summer has just started. It is the hottest but also the most awaited season of the year. It is the season for fun games and a season to go for outdoor recreation activities. Knowingly, one of the most enjoyed sports or hobbies that most people love doing during summer is biking.

Just like other activities in the summer, biking is a tiring but an exciting hobby. It gives you the ultimate time to ride on your bike and roam around to wherever you want and the chance to enjoy the cooling breeze of wind hustling from north to south, and from east to west and vice versa.

However, the point of this article is not within how you enjoy the moment while biking. It is mainly to provide tips on summer bike maintenance. Bikers like you often face the dilemma of maintaining and extending the usage of their bike. Bike, of course, needs attention and routine maintenance to keep it running as expected and intended. So here is the list of important things to consider in the summer bike maintenance.

  1. Outfit your bike

    Look. Observe. And check all parts of your bike.

Your bike must have to be well-tuned to make the cycling easier to manage. Regularly top off or pumped up its tyres. Remember, too soft tyres or too low tyre pressure sometimes cause pinch puncture.

Check the tyre walls if there are grits, bits of glasses or anything that will cause puncture by slowly and gently running your fingers around it. If you see signs that will cause puncture like holes, immediately replace it with a new one.

See to it that the chain of your bike is fully greased and the other components are well adjusted before you use it. In this way, you will make your bike to last longer.

Moreover, place your bike in a position where it can move freely. Or if you want to, use specialized equipment to help prop up the back wheel. After that, pull the exposed section of the chain and pedal forward.


  1. Before biking

    Study the brakes of your bike.

Always inspect the brakes of your bike before every ride. To do this, pull the front and back brakes respectively. Do the same to the disc brakes. If the pads in the brakes are worn out and there are signs of excessive wear in the rims of the wheels, it is wise to replace it with a new one or visit a bike shop for further assistance.


  1. After biking

    Daily cleaning in some components of your bike is recommended and important.

Invest at least enough time to do minor cleaning after biking. For instance, wash/wipe your bike with a cleaning agent or spray ample amount of lubricant on the chain.  Check the air cleaner and get rid any debris present. If its filter is too dirty or has holes peeking through it, change immediately to avoid harmful agent from creeping into the engine.

Minor cleaning in every after ride is much better than once a month of cleaning and maintaining. You know, it is summer. Everywhere is dusty.  So figure out what will be the looks of your bike after one month of not cleaning, washing and wiping its component. Stick to your daily bike maintenance and you will see the result afterwards.


  1. Clean the drivetrain of your bike at least once a week

    Check and clean the drivetrain.

Thoroughly clean the chains and cogs with a degreaser. Use a bike chain cleaning gadget or a toothbrush or rag. After cleaning the chain, let it dry and then, re-lube. Never use cooking oil, engine oil or WD40. If possible, use a lighter chain lube in summer.


  1. Check the chain

    Chain is one of the most important components of your bike. So always check the chain after and before every ride.

Pay attention to the look of the chain. Gently lift up the chain from the chain ring. Count the teeth it has. If there are more than three, it is time to replace the chain.


  1. Have good gears for your bike

    When everything is in the right track, the gears work well.

Misaligned and poorly indexed gears cause jumping gears which is really annoying in your biking. Fix it as soon as possible.  Approach someone who can help you if it is necessary.


  1. Have good wheels for your bike

    Wheels make the bike complete.

Check your bike`s wheels at least once in a month to see to it that they are not out of line and they are functioning well. Front wheel should be at 90º to the frame and must be properly adjusted according to your height. Also, don`t forget to check the spokes. Ensure that it is in the correct tension.


  1. Note the bolts and skewers

    Always check the bolts and skewers before every ride.

Here is it. Biking on a rough or rocky road causes the nuts and bolts to loosen. So always check if all bolts and skewers are fastened properly and tightly before every ride.


  1. Maintain the pedal power at least once a month

    Put some oil in the pedal power.

Remove the pedals and put some oil. After that, screw back on the bike. This helps the bearings to function better and prevent the pedals from stucking on the cranks.


  1. Put adequate amount of oil

    Oil helps somehow.

Incorrect amount of oil can damage the bike engine and transmission. Hence, lubricate your bike with enough oil to prevent common mechanical bike issues like fluid deficiency.

If you feel to do it, put oil on some moving parts of your bike most especially to where the fork meets the frame and to where the pedals meet the frame. This is a good idea to take note for your summer maintenance.


  1. Summer regular servicing

    Don”t hesitate. Do regular servicing in your bike.

Regular and proper maintenance effectively extends the usage of your bike and lessens the chance for your bike to experience mechanical malfunctioning. However, your bike also needs regular service. So, look for it. Don`t be so hard on yourself.

To end, summer biking maintenance is a challenge to take. But if you truly love biking and you really wanted to keep your bike longer, this will surely be an exciting and easy challenge for you. Nothing can stop you from pushing something you know you will love doing over and over again. Yes, believe you can!

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