11 Actions Like Not Smiling Is A Crime…#8 Is Just Insane


Rules and regulations are very important for a smooth functioning of an institution. After the state laws, there are some humanitarian laws as well which depends upon you to follow like offering help to someone, thanking the cab driver, helping specially abled people, etc. Now, if I tell you that there is a law in Milan, Italy that a person has to smile the whole day and if one fails to do so then it is a crime, this is just one of them below listed are few more which leave you dumbstruck.

#1. It is a crime in England to die in the Parliament

Now how is one suppose to know that when will he/she die? What is the logic behind it?

#2. You will be fined if you are found to be overweight in Japan

The land of the sumo wrestlers fines people if they are over-weight.

#3. The Switzerland government believes that flushing a toilet results in noise pollution

If you are found flushing your toilet after 10 pm in Switzerland you might land in trouble. Poor Loo who has to stay with the poop!

#4. It is not legally allowed to step on in Thailand

Money’s power can turn anybody down!

#5. It is a crime in Lowa for a man with beard to kiss a woman in public


Either do it in private or sacrifice your beard.

#6. In Washington, you cannot buy meat on Sunday

Go veg on Sunday or eat fish, LOL!

#7. If you forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa then you are criminal

Firstly, you will have to face the consequences from your wife and then from the law as well.

#8. It is a crime in North-Carolina to sing off-beat

I think they like everything perfect

#9. In Massachusetts, if a woman is found on top of a man while having $ex then she is found is guilty

Now, who on the earth goes to even check this silly thing?

#10. Flirting is banned in Texas

Poor people!

#11. In Indiana, you cannot come out of your house till 4 hours after eating onion or garlic

This should be a worldwide law.