10 Most Thrilling Roads To Drive Around The World


Ever experienced drive across the most thrilling roads around the world? If not then must explore these amazing deadliest roads at least once in your life.

Check out the list here!

1. North Yungas Road, Bolivia


More than 300 people die here every year, also known as Road of Dead. You can see a cross marking on the spots where vehicles have once ever fallen.


2. The Zoji Pass, India

[Photo Credit- Anwaraj]

This is the highest mountain pass in India, connecting Kashmir and Ladakh. This highway is very popular among the tourist; it is also known as one of the best road trips in India.


3. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway!


The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway stretches across eight breath-taking bridges. It offers beautiful views of Ocean; You might see whales and Seals if the weather is pleasant.


4. White Rim Road, Canyonlands National Park, Utah


This amazing road is a 100 miles loops and turns around and below the Island Mesa top. It takes three to four days by bikers and two to three days by four wheelers to cover this long road.


5. Stelvio Pass, Italy


The highest covered mountain pass in the EasternAlps at 9045 feet. This highway is very famous for sharp hairpin turns with a striking view of the mountain.


6. Overseas Highway, Florida, USA


This breathtaking Overseas Highway connects mainland Florida to Floridas keys. Anyone traveling on this road will give you a close experience of Heaven.


7. Jalalabad-Kabul Road, Afghanistan

The 65-kilometer stretch of highway from Jalalabad to Kabul is also known as the valley of death. This road is claimed as the most dangerous road of Afgan.


8. Tianmen Winding Mountain Road, China


This road is located in Tianmen Mountain National Park, in northwestern Hunan Province of China. The highest point of the road is  1,300m above sea level, whereas the lowest  point is at 200m


9. Furka Pass, Switzerland


James Bond movie Goldfinger was shooted in this ionic driveway which is located in  Switzerland.


10. Hana Highway, Hawaii


This beautiful long highway is a stretch of 103.6 km connecting Kahului with the town of Hana.

So, how many of you’re ready to be a witness of the world’s “Thrilling Roads”? Do Comments and share your views with us.