10 Things Women Deal With All The Time That Men Have No Idea About


Multitasking like a woman is impossible for anyone in this world to do. The problems aren’t limited to either the home, outside or the society. A woman’s life, apart from her own bodily problems, is overloaded with different kinds and degrees of problems in all of the above spheres.

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Fear for our safety is real

It isn’t for no reason that right from our childhood we are told off from befriending strangers and about not taking the lonely road or from staying out after the sun down.

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Sexual harassment starts young 

In more recent times women of the highest order right from Kalki Coechlin, Anushka Shankar, to Lady Gaga, and Oprah Winfrey and many others have come out with the stories of sexually having been harassed as kids.

Lengths we’ll go in order to feel safe

It is crazy to what lengths women go to in order to keep themselves safe. Dupattas spread across their breasts, Muslim women take the hijab, etc.

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Age discrimination isn’t just for Hollywood

This is no news to anyone of us. Bollywood and Hollywood, alike have been making headlines about how women are not offered good roles post a certain age while even an 80-year-old can be seen romancing a teenager on the screen.

Pain is a normal part of life

Pain starts right from the onset of puberty with the monthly cramps and then labor pain and to top it all Indian men are famous for beating their wives to death.

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Having breasts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Apart from the regular unwanted extra attention big breasts are known to cause extreme back pain in women and also causes them to hunch more.

  • How much work it takes to look like we haven’t put any effort into appearance

A LOT. Women spend all their life’s earnings on makeup and then all their life’s time on doing the make just right to look like they have’ t put any of it on.

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The obligatory period answer

Ooh.. You are really angry. Are you PMSing?? This is the obligatory question we get every second day.


 How hard can it be to be taken seriously

Since time immemorial women have been denied say in the decision-making process. Why? They are stupid. Seriously? What about all the wars being waged against the humanity. Which woman is involved in that?

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There really is a dark side to dating

Tinder can be a nightmare if you end up swiping right for that good looking creep.