10 Things A Girl Never Wants To Hear From Her Man


Talking about guys the slip of tongue mistake that they make makes me feel go mad. Either they knowingly do it or it is just a part of their behaviour. Even if we are in head over heels after them yet there are certain things we won’t tolerate.

1) My ex is awesome. She’s my best friend

This is not something we want to hear. If we respond with: “Wow can’t wait to meet her! I’m sure we’ll all get on like a house on fire,” sarcasm is at work here.

2) Your sister/best friend is hot

So is your Dad… Like seriously!

3) Are those fake?

Yes, they are, like your brain.

4) Oh, it must be your time of the month, that’s why you’re so moody

Now one can be genuinely upset too, maybe family or work problem or it can be anything.

5) My Mum has never approved of any of my girlfriends…I always listen to her

Seriously, you’re telling us this? At least think about the girls not all are the same. What if your mom approves one of them?

6) I broke up with my girlfriend last week…we’re sort of on a break

Then what are doing with me? Chilling?

7)You’ve put on a few pounds…but I love curvy girls

You can directly say that I am fat! I won’t mind it.

8) Are you wearing that out?

I am comfortable in that and I don’t need anyone’s permission.

19) You remind me of my ex

You and your ex-are over. So it clearly didn’t work out. We don’t want to be compared to her.