10 Most Outrageously Expensive Private Jets


Airplane horror stories are not new anyone of us. All of us at some point or the other have come across co-passengers annoying AF with either stinky feet, loud kids, so on and so forth. I am sure like me, all of you must have had dreams about owning a private jet. *sigh*

While we dream on let us have a look at 10 of the most ridiculously expensive Private Jets in the world.

10. Challenger 600 ($5 Million)

This is a spacious airplane with a seating of 7-9 passengers expandable up to 19 when configured. Joyce Meyer, the inspirational writer is reportedly a proud owner.

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9. Hawker 4000 ($22 Million)

Owned by Sergio Garcia it is a medium size private jet and can comfortably carry 10 people at one time.

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8. Ember Legacy 650 ( $30 Million)

Ember Legacy 650 is a compact beauty, fit for use by businessmen and celebrities on a constant move.

Jackie Chan purchased it and had it painted with his logo using the Chinese flag.

7. Bombardier BD-700 ($45 Million)

Owned by none other than the world’s richest man Bill Gates, this corporate jet has enough space for 19 people and can fly long distances, nonstop.

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6. Sukhoi Superjet 100 ($50 Million)

Launched in 2001 this big baby is the ultimate ‘in the air’ private party venue with passenger seating customizable up to 100.

5. Bombardier Global 8000 ($66 Million)

This $66 million luxury jet is an ‘eco-friendly’ option to spend on.

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4. Airbus ACJ319 ($80 Million)

Airbus ACJ319 with its enormous bedroom located at the rear of the plane could be the boon for all those losing out on their precious sleep in the process of minting dollars.

3. Boeing 757 ($100 Million)

The aircraft that the multi-billionaire Donal Trump has chosen to call his own is usually used for commercial flights.

Donald Trump reportedly bought the Boeing 757 at $100 million from the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and had it covered in gold and the Trump logo.


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The Boeing with its Rolls-Royce engine flies at 500 miles per hour and is one of the fastest airplanes in the world. While it would normally carry close to 250 passengers, Trump’s has only 43 seats.

His version is high on luxury with a dining room, a bedroom, a private guest room and a bath with 24-karat gold faucets.

2. Boeing 747-8 VIP ($150 Million)

Popular by the name, “A Palace in the Sky” 747-8 is a passenger plane turned into a VIP private jet with a built-in dining room, an office, a stateroom, and lounges.

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1. Airbus A380 ($500 Million)

While the aircraft itself costs $300 Million, the owner Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi had the interiors personalized in gold for another $200 Million.

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