10 Mystic Foods Which Will Help To Get A Comfortable Sleep


After juggling from never ending tasks at home and office/college, getting a comfortable sleep is like a dream. Even after the day is over and it is the time to relax and revive, thoughts slowly creep into our minds and again back to square one. We end up calling ourselves insomniacs. Now throw those sleeping pills away and start eating these to sleep comfortably.


Mix some honey in warm water or herbal tea. Drink it before you go to bed and help your mind calm down. Via

Whole Grains

Eating whole grains before going to bed helps in the production of insulin in your body which eases your body from the restlesness that you feel. Via


Like an apple a banana a day keeps a doctor away. The pottasium in banana will act as a natural sleeping pill. Via


Beans contain a lot of essential vitamins needed by our body and most importantly it contains Vitamin B which helps in dealing with stress and anxiety. Via


Walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc contain natural sedatives which helps you getting a better nap. Via


Oats contains Melatonin which are your sleep’s regulators. So treat your body with these and in return it will treat you with a good night sleep. Via


Yummy chilled bowl of yogurt with a spoon of sugar is all you need to push the sleep inducing hormones. Via

Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice helps in getting a good sleep just like a glass of honey water does. It helps in regulating sleep. Via

Herbal Tea

Drink tea but it should not contain caffeine. After drinking a cup of tea before going to bed feels like soul soothing. Via

Try all these and I hope these help.