10 Lessons To Learn After You Break Up With Him

break up

Breakups can be the toughest thing in the world. Letting go of someone you loved so much is like letting go your favorite stuffed teddy bear as a kid. You kept it in your arms and slept with it every night. You hoped nothing would happen to it and that you wouldn’t have to part with it no matter what. But the cloth started to wear off and you developed a rash due to the germs in its fake fur. For your own good, you had to throw it away.

That’s exactly what toxic relationships are like. No matter how much you hope it turns out a different way, it always goes down. But you must remember and learn a few things from being left behind as well. Here are some lessons you learn only after breaking up with someone who isn’t meant for you –

  1. The worst thing you can do right now is making yourself feel small because he didn’t love you. This is a terrible side effect of emotional damage. Indulge in all your favorite things and catch up with all your favorite people. Even if he isn’t there in your life anymore, there are family and friends who consider you extremely special.

2. There is always another boy. But you should be looking for a man, instead.

3. You were there when he needed you the most. You didn’t give up on him but he left you in your moment of need. Who needs someone like that? You deserve someone who holds you delicately when you’re like molten metal and gives you the shape that you desire.break up4. Even without him, there are things that will make your life go on. Your work, your studies, your passions and your hobbies. Think about those things and slowly, he will become a nearly non-existent part of your life.

5. Every minute of the relationship, he considered himself to be more important than you. His priorities, his education, and his career always took a higher point than your achievements. He didn’t realize that you’re equally important. Your accomplishments matter as much as his and you don’t deserve the back seat in love.

break up 6. He didn’t realize all that you were giving up just to keep him happy. He didn’t get the sacrifices and compromises that went with keeping the relationship going. He took all your efforts for granted but that was only because he didn’t understand all that you were doing for him

7. The one thing he forgot was how to appreciate you. You don’t need that. You need someone to be proud of your skills and talents and be thankful that he has you in his life. You need someone who respects you for who you are and admires you even with all your flaws.

8. Just because you are heartbroken, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the little joys of life. Grab a cup of hot chocolate at your favorite barista or wear your stunning heels and go out with your girlfriends. Feel the absolution of being single and having no one tell you what you should do.

break up

9. Keep a diary with you and list down 5 things that made you smile today. Keep doing this and keep re-reading the diary every time you’re feeling low. It will exhilarate you to know how much you’ve been smiling even after he has left you.

10. Remember the woman you were before he was there in your life. Remember the fire and the enthusiasm you had within you and strive to be that woman again. Remember your funny tales. Remember that you were unstoppable. It’s time you bring that woman back.