There is something exotic about this land – as much as you put the limelight on the sludge and the mess that’s strewn around everywhere – the diversity and mysticism of India promises an unforgettable experience for any stranger.

The culture shock might prove a bit difficult to deal with at first, but there’s a lot to take back from India.

Here are the top ten Indian habits that foreigners adapted even after visiting India

1. Learning how to have chai in Indian way.

Teas like ‘chai’ are better than coffee.

There is nothing better than sipping hot tea from a clay pot with a biscuit to go with it.


2. Using your hands to dig into that sumptuous meal.


There is nothing wrong if you eat using your hands.

Well Oprah, no one really cares if other people do not like this habit of Indians. According to foreigners who copied the same habit, using your hands to clean off your meal lead to a happier stomach and a better day.


3. Using water over toilet paper to wash yourself after a dump.


Try also to do this after pooing.

Foreigners admitted that they found it as “gross act” at first, but they learned to love it as time went by. Most of them said that it is definitely a better way to keep yourself clean and fresh.


4. Haggling or bargaining with shopkeepers.


Business circulates around the world.

Indian shopkeepers often ask for exorbitant rates, and the buyers surely know how to reduce the rates by haggling to their best capacity. Funnily enough, foreigners have picked up this ability to haggle for lower prices.


5. Taking shoes off before entering someone’s house.


Taking off your shoes before entering a house shows that you respect the owner of the house.

Foreigners emphasized the habit as “wonderful habit” that a person should adapt. Removing your shoes off before entering a house means respect to the house owner even if it may seems awkward to do it at first. Indeed, some even said that there is nothing wrong copying this habit of Indians. They love it and they keep on doing it on their homes.


6. ‘Namaste!’


    ‘Namaste!’, an Indian greeting.

Foreigners adapt this gesture and they also do this even after visiting India.


7. ‘Acchhaa’ follows suit!


Aacchhaa! According to, this expression has six different meanings. These are: 1. Good 2. Surprise 3. Acknowledgement 4. Agreement 5. Question 6. Exclamation
Aacchhaa! This is common expression of Indians.

What better expression that says so little, yet conveys so much! According to, this expression has six different meanings. These are:
1. Good
2. Surprise
3. Acknowledgement
4. Agreement
5. Question
6. Exclamation


8. Drinking from water bottles without letting the bottle touch your mouth.


Drinking this way? Oh no! You may find it awesome to do!

Foreigners find it interesting to do this especially if they are really thirsty.


9. Spirituality.


Spirituality speaks to your soul.

From reading prayer books daily to offering daily prayers, foreigners often discover their inner selves in India.


10. Answering others by moving head sideways instead of nodding.


Headshake is a gesture of Indians.

Just respond as and how you wish to.

Sometimes, your habits are associated with your culture. Your culture may vary from other cultures. In fact, we share on other’s culture and we even support it. However, if such habits are against your culture, better to think about it in many times. If you cannot decide, feel free to discuss this matter to the concern people such as your family, elders and other people whom you can trust for. Never decide for yourself only. Think critical and be wise always.