10 Golden Tips To Reduce Weight In A Span Of One Week


Weight loss is something that most people around the work are striving to achieve. Some want to shed those extra pounds for health reasons while others want to improve their looks with a perfect figure. There are many fad diets and diet pills out there which will end up doing more harm than good. Weight loss can be achieved in a healthy manner only if it is attained gradually. Here are some effective easy to follow tips to lose weight in a week.

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1. Get Your Rest


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Sleeping is the time when the metabolic activities are at its peak. With proper sleep time, the metabolism takes place and the body gets its rejuvenation time too. It will also help to reduce stress.

2. Divide into Smaller Meals


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Eating 3 heavy meals makes it problematic for the body to break it down completely. Divide into smaller quantity meals at lesser time gap so that your body can metabolize the food consumed. This is the easiest way to lose weight.

3. Never Skip Breakfast

After a night long of activities taking place in the body, your body needs fuel in the morning. This will also help to give an energy boost in the morning and keep you away from snacking all day long. Have a healthy breakfast.

4. Get Your Beats

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Exercise regimens can get boring with daily routines. You can add some life to it by hitting your favorite tracks while at the gym or even while during your aerobics. It is not necessary that you stick to the specific aerobic music for workout sessions.

5. Trash the Soda


We are not just talking about soda, but all other sugary drinks too. They come jam-packed with calories. A single can of Coke can send in 39 grams of sugar. So, ditch the canned drinks towards weighing loss.

6. Reduce the Portion


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Most of us are used to eating heavily when the hunger strikes. The trick is to eat in smaller quantities before the hunger sets in. The portion that you eat should be rich and packed with nutrition. It should contain just the right quantity of components to keep the body working.

7. Do not Forget the Exercise


Sports and physical activity of any kind, even of the very little time can be of great impact in losing weight. You do not have to spend hours in the gym to shed those pounds. Simple jogging, walking, aerobics, Zumba, swimming, badminton, bicycling and even cleaning up the house can be enough.

8. Never Skip the Meal


One of the biggest mistake done by people is to skip the meal while on the route to weight loss. People fail to understand that when you skip a meal, your metabolism is affected. Only an optimally working metabolic system can lead you to weight loss.

9. Lose Weight in a Week


When you have a target of 1 week, the best method is to glue to a healthy meal plan. You can work with your dietician to help you come up with the right calorie intake per day. You can also keep a food diary.

10. Have Soups


Soups can promote the digestive process and even improve the metabolic activity of the body.

There are several tricks and tips to healthy weight loss. But the main mandate is to have the willpower to gain it and strive towards it without falling for failures.