10 Effective And Proven Ways To Overcome Writer`s Block


Writer`s block is not like a teacher who will teach you how to write. Rather, it is like a robber who will come to control the flow of your thoughts and steal your writing creativity. Furthermore, writer`s block defines as the condition of unable to think properly of what you are going to write and unable to produce ideas about the topic you are writing. It is a common dilemma of all writers. In fact, writer`s block is inevitable but we can overcome and prevent it by doing the tips below.

1. Go for a walk

writer`s block

Taking walks is an easy exercise that can boost your mood throughout the day. It is known to be a good source of energy and one of the best natural energizer. Some researchers found out that going for a walk improves circulation and increases the supply of oxygen to every cell in your body, making you feel alive and more alert. Moreover, it releases endorphins and reduces anxiety and stress.

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2. Eliminate all possible distractions

Eliminating distractions is not hard to do. You just need to do a little preparations before you start writing. Switch off your mobile phone and put all unnecessary things away from your working desk. Also, talk to your loved ones not to disturb you so you can focus on your writing and navigate your thoughts easily without interruptions.

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3. Swap activities

If you are writing for more than two hours, hey, take a break! If you are starting to experience writer`s block, never force your mind to generate thoughts. Doing so will make you depressed and suffer mental fatigue. Your brain needs to relax before you continue to write again. Do other things like washing clothes or dishes, doing household chores, feeding your pet and etc.

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4. Read books or do online search

Reading books is the most effective way of enriching your vocabularies and seeking inspiration to write. If you don`t want to read books, however, you can do online search. Before you do online searching, think first of a topic that will interest you most or a topic where you can get more ideas about your unfinished article.

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5. Do not enhance or edit your article while you are still in the first step of writing, the drafting.

Write every words, phrases or sentences that will come up on your mind. It is not necessary that you have a complete sentence on your mind before you write it down. Do not exclude some ideas coming up on your mind. Do not be so cruel to your thoughts. If the words or phrases are in your dialect, don`t exclude them also. Don`t worry, there are online dictionaries that will help you translate it to English language. Also, draft is a draft. So, do not edit or enhance your article while you are still in a process of drafting. Doing so will entertain writer`s block to block you. Don`t mind errors. You will correct them later if not sooner.



6. Think of an imaginary friend or fan

Think of an imaginary friend or fan who is excited to read your article.  Convince yourself that there is someone who will support everything you do and loves everything you write. This will motivate and inspire you to write. You can have a conversation with your imaginary friend. Also, laugh if possible.

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7. Put emotions into your article

The best ingredient you can mix in your article is emotion. Emotions serve as an active force giving life to what you are writing. Therefore, write something that will stir your emotions from time to time. This is the best tip you can do to prevent having writer`s block on your journey to your thoughts. Later on, you will see the good impact of it in the quality of your article.

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8. Have a coffee while writing

writer`s block

Coffee makes you more alert and creative to your writing. There are many benefits you can get from drinking coffee such as the following:

a. Decreases mental fatigue;

b. Helps in the enhancement of short-term memory as well as in mental, physical, and cognitive performance;

c. Helps you to stay awake for 3 to 4 hours and;

d. Helps increase your ability to focus and concentrate.

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9. Shut down your computer and meditate.

Meditation helps you to be more creative to your writing. It creates and flourishes your mental and emotional conditions. It helps you to overcome writer`s block by scanning and reducing activities stored in amygdala, a roughly almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each of your cerebral hemisphere. Amygdala also involves with the experiencing of emotions.

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10. Write in the middle if you cannot focus on the introductory part.

To overcome writer`s block, write in the middle. For example, if you are stuck in the introductory part of your article, write supporting ideas first or everything that will come up on your mind. So again, never ever try screening up your ideas while you are in the process of drafting.

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While there are many ways of overcoming writer`s block that other writers and bloggers suggested online, the identified 10 ways  on overcoming writer`s block are the most effective ones. I do these tips every time I write. Indeed, it really helps. Nevertheless, its effectiveness varies from one person to another.