10 Countries Likely To Vanish If Enormous Earthquakes Strike There


Some of you might have experienced an earthquake – the floor and walls shake, the ground rumbles, hanging lamps begin to sway back and forth, shelves begin to rattle or spill their contents.

You know, every earthquake is a little different; each earthquake makes its own unique seismogram on paper.

But a massive earthquake can be an apocalypse for few countries. Well, this is unexpected and surprising and here we bring you the list of few countries which are likely to vanish if the massive earthquake comes.

1. Japan

Japan tops the list of the earthquake prone areas. The country has a long history of witnessing disastrous earthquakes since it is situated on the Pacific “Ring of fire”.

2. Chile

Chile is the most seismic country in the world. The enormous and the most powerful earthquake were recorded in Chile. In fact, their standards of construction along with Japan are the strictest in the world.

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3. Philippines


This country is regularly hit by earthquakes above 6.0 on the Richter scale. The Philippines lie on the edge of the Pacific plate, a seismic hot zone that encompasses the state. High magnitude earthquakes have led to threatening volcanic eruptions in the past.

4. Indonesia


Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia is highly vulnerable to earthquakes and other natural disasters as half of the city is below the sea level. Many earthquakes in the past have lead to volcanic eruptions in the country.

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5. Nepal

A 6.0 earthquake would kill around 69,000 people in the Kathmandu city of Nepal, as predicted by a study. If estimates are to be believed, a citizen in Nepal is more likely to be killed by an earthquake as compared to any civilian in the world.

6. New Zealand


New Zealand is a country in which Earthquakes occur regularly (even 4-5 Magnitude Earthquakes) which can pose a big threat, especially to major cities like Auckland or Wellington. Christchurch has been suffered two times in a period of fewer than 5 months.

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8. Turkey


The earthquake can hit the country at any point of time as Turkey sits at the juncture of the African, Arabian and the Eurasian tectonic plates. It is estimated that a major earthquake would kill approximately 55,000 in Istanbul only, the capital of Turkey.

8. Ecuador

The mountainous country Ecuador has the biggest threat: volcanoes; thus making the country vulnerable to massive earthquakes. The country lies within the seismic zone between the South American plate and the Nazca plate.

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9. El Salvador

El Salvador is another earthquake-prone country and has suffered immense damage due to quakes in the region. These quakes have caused several casualties and have led to considerable damage to property.

10. India

Due to the movement of the Indian tectonic plate at the rate of 47 mm every year, India has experienced a series of some deadly earthquakes. A 6.0 earthquake would take the life of an estimated 38,000 in Delhi, the most prone city to the earthquake.