10 Cartoons That Will Make You Miss Your Childhood


Cartoon Network these days is nothing like how it used to be. Just ask a 90’s kid who used to get back from school and have lunch in front of the telly. Here’s taking a trip down memory lane to your favourite cartoons!


1. Scooby Doo

Scooby doo

This cartoon is hardly unknown to anyone of any age. A timeless classic, Scooby Doo never failed to make kids laugh with its antics and the group’s shenanigans while solving crimes.


2. Dexter’s Laboratory  


These days, you say Dexter and people picture a blood thirsty serial killer. However, Dexter, the genius boy  was a classic cartoon and along with his sister Dee-dee, always ensured entertainment for the kids.


3. Powerpuff Girls 


Sugar, spice and everything nice! That pretty much sums up Powerpuff Girls. With the three girls fighting crimes all over the city and an array of different villains, this one kept everyone glued to the screen!


4. The Flintstones


Yaba Daba Doo! These words were made famous by Fred Flintstone. Set in the stone age, the cartoon was a riot for everyone watching! A non animated Flintstones movie was also made years after the cartoon’s original launch.


5. Pokemon


Considering the amount of adults walking around playing Pokemon Go, we cannot say this one is for the kids. With cards, games and all kinds of toys, Pokemon has truly captured the imagination of all ages. Gotta Catch em’ All!


6. Dragon Ball Z


Slightly different from the other cartoons on this list but not any less popular, Dragon Ball Z was a firm favourite among the kids. Led by protagonist Goku, the team saved the earth from intergalactic villains, in turn, leaving millions of kids fascinated. Kamehamehaaa!


7. Tom and Jerry


Another timeless classic. Either you hate it or you love it but you cant ignore it. The cartoon that made millions laugh with hardly a word being said. Tom and Jerry will always be in the heart of millions!


8. Ed, Edd and Eddy

ed ed eddy

To enjoy this, you really do have to switch your brain off. The Canadian-American series revolves around the trio of Ed, Edd and Eddy. Under the unofficial leadership of Eddy they find new and funny ways to make money from their peers and neighbours. Never a dull moment!


9. Courage the Cowardly Dog

Most people are at a loss to explain why they love this cartoon but they do! A dog thats scared out of its wit, an elderly couple and a house in the middle of nowhere. Thats all it takes to keep you engaged to this show. If you figure out reasons why you love it, please tell us.


10. The Jetsons

One word to describe this one – FANCY! Set way in the future, Jetsons is based on a family living in an age where everything is automatic and extremely high tech. Imagine not having to move a muscle to shower and get dressed. That’s the dream!

Which 90’s cartoon is your favorite? Let us know through comments!