10 Most Beautiful Canal Cities Around The World


In definition, canal is a long man-made waterway constructed purposely to allow the passage of ships and boats inland. Canals, on the other hand, are channels meant for water conveyance. Since there is the root clue word, “canal” in the first sentence of this article, definitely, you will be directed to the list of top 10 most beautiful canal cities in the world.

1. Venice, Italy

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Grand canal lies at Venice, Egypt. It serves as the water-traffic corridors in the city. Foreigners love to navigate the canal by gondola, a traditional and flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat. If you view the canal from a distant, you will notice one end of it leading to lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station while the other end goes into Saint Mark Basin. Moreover, you will see a large reverse-S shape in between the two ends of canal. Further, the canal is estimated to be 3.8 km long, 30 m to 90 m wide and with an average depth of 16.5 ft equivalent to 5 m.


2. El Gouna, Egypt

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Most of the canals in this city are artificially made and have purpose-built bridges that are useful for local residents. You can view some canals from far and take a photo of it! Bring your family and friends here!


3. Alappuzha, India


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The city, commonly known as Alleppey, has fascinating view because it is crisscrossed of various canals. In fact, some of these canals are considered part of National Waterway 3 of India. Moreover, vadai canal and commercial canal are the important canals of Alappuzha.


4. Stockholm, Sweden

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Göta and Dalsland are the two canals that Stockholm can be proud of. Göta canal has 58 locks and approximately 47 bridges and runs from Mem (Söderköpin) to Sjötorp at Lake Vänern. This canal along with the other canals form the so-called “Sweden Blue Ribbon” and connect Stockholm and Gothenburg by water. On the other hand, Dalsland is known to be one of the most famous canal in Europe.


5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam consists of more than one hundred kilometers of canals, 90 islands and 1,500 bridges. Herengracht, Prinsengracht, and Keizersgracht are canals discovered during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century ) and formed concentric belts called Grachtengordel of the city. You will see monumental buildings standing alongside of the main canals of Amsterdam.


6. St. Petersburg, Russia


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St. Petersburg is a city interlaces with a hundred canals and tributaries with measured length of 300 km and more than 800 bridges crossing it. Moyka river of the city was one of the very first canal to be encased in granite embankments supporting some famous buildings nearby.


7. Suzhou, China

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Suzhou has greenish canals and fascinating waterways. Canals of the city are almost an image of a paradise. You will see waterside garden and historic dwellings in most of the canal of the city. Grand canal, Downtown Suzhou and Water Towns are some canals that adds beauty in the city.


8. Bruges, Belgium

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Bruges is considered to be a storm town but known to be a romantic setting of all series of canals present in the city. You will find yourself more peaceful and quieter as you take boat trip in one of these canals. Also, you will feel very close to the nature as you feel the embrace of wind in your soul.


9. Annecy, France

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This is one of the best city where you can stroll along the canals. Get lose to one of these canals of Annecy and find your way back to where you came from.


10. Cape Coral, Florida

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Cape Coral has 400 miles of canals more than any other city worldwide. In addition, you can navigate to some canals of the city. You might not know but there are other canals here that have access to the Gulf of Mexico. Indeed, these canals are very crucial to the local residents of the city.

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