10 Adorable Animal Friendships


We all have friendsd and we all need one. Friendship is one of the most precious relationship in everyone’s life. A life without friends is not worth living. Magic of friendship is not limited to human beings. Animals also share the bond of friendship. Some of the amazing animal friendship stories are worth sharing.


Bubbles, the African Elephant and Bella, the Black Labrador


Image Courtesy - boredpanda
Happy Time, Yuuuhuuuu

Two residents of Myrtle beach in South Carolina, have become the closest of friends. They are not in the same category or size. An African elephant and a black Labrador are a visitor’s dream to see them play. Most of the times, two animals would be busy playing in the water.


Bea, the giraffe and Wilma, the Ostrich


giraffe and ostrich
That’s called a true friendship

Not many times, we will see a giraffe gelling with any other animals for its height. Bea, the giraffe and Wilma, the ostrich has been friends for quite some time at Busch Garden in America. They are seen together all the time and the authorities have encouraged this kind of relationship.


The Tinni, the dog and Sniffer, the wild fox


Image Courtesy - boredpanda.com
Let me sleep for a while my friend

We all know the fact that fox has come from dog family. It may not look strange to have a Dog and a wild fox to be friends, but it can be lethal for the dog. Today, the dog or the wild fox has found a good friendship in the forest of Norway.


Torque, the Dog and Shrek, the Owl


dog and owl
So adorable!

It is torque, who adopted Shrek, the owl when It was 6 months old. The owl was separated from its mother as it was not safe to keep the baby owl with its mother.  There have been cases, where the mother owl eats the babies when hungry and stressed. In order to avoid that, Owl was adopted and both have been a good pal.


Fred, the Lap and Dennis, the duckling


chicken and puppy
Dennis wants to sleep on my lap

Dennis lost its mother at an early age, as it was mauled by a wild fox. It is the lab and its master who rescued and took care of Dennis, the duckling. Fred took good care of Dennis and both are good friends now.


Mabel, the Chicken and the puppies


checken and puppy
I will eat you one day…lolzzz

There is an incident where puppies have saved a Mabel, a Chicken. Mabel has been good with puppies and being loyal to puppies and its master


Milo, the dog and Bonedigger, the Lion



lion dog
Angry Dog or Angry Lion.. 🙂

Milo is a little dachshund, which rescued Lion with its master when it was suffering from a bone disease and it was disabled.  It has been 5 years now, where both Bonedigger and Mile have been sharing moments and are still the best of buddies.


The cat and the Fox



cat and fox
Let’s come face to face

It is very rare combination that a dog and cat get together. Though, not much of information has been discovered, There are plenty of people who have seen the duo playing lots of times on the shore of Lake Van.


Shere Khan, Baloo and Leo



sherekhan and baloo
The Jungle Book

All the three characters are from Jungle book and matches to the same animals in reality. A bear, lion and a tiger are one of the most lovely pals you can ever see in Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in the US.


Manni, the Wild Boar piglet and Candy, the dog



dog and pig
Why are you so upset, Manni

Manni is a wild boar piglet and was found lonely and starving in Germany. A family brought the animal home and was introduced to Candy. Ever since then, both the animals have been best buddies and can be seen playing in the lawn all the time.